COVID-19 Safety Statement

All of us at Springs would like to thank all of our members for their patience during this difficult and unusual time and we are all very happy to be able to welcome our members back at the club in a safe environment. To ensure the safety of our members and staff, certain processes and procedures must be adhered to; many of these will be similar to other establishments which have recently reopened. Our main objective is to ensure that members enjoy all of our services without anxiety and the responsibility of this does not solely rely on the staff, who will do everything they can, but with our members also, who we are sure will work with us to create our safe environment.

Class Availability

  • Our class timetable will change, this is unavoidable to minimise the number of people on the gym floor.

  • Some classes will hold fewer members so it is essential that you book as quickly as possible.

  • Our most popular classes such as spin will take place over two studios, one studio will contain the instructor and a number of stations, the second studio will contain a live link to the instructor and the remaining stations.

  • For classes taking place over two studios, the first members to book will be in the studio with the instructor.

  • In the interest of fairness, we will be introducing a rule regarding the non-attendance in classes. Non-attendance reduces the availability of classes and a number of people miss out on a place, in this current climate we need to stamp this out. For any member who does not attend a class they have booked on to, they will be issued a warning. A second time will incur a week-long ban from any classes. Please note, if you make is aware that you are not attending there will be no penalty.

  • Unfortunately there will be no Boxing or circuit based classes for the foreseeable future.

In the building

  • At reception, we will be collecting contact details of everyone entering the building for any reason, this will include making sure our existing members have up to date contact details.

  • Much like in many areas of life, our ‘new normal’ now includes wearing face coverings. At our reception area and in our corridors, you must wear a face covering. These face coverings can be any fabric or material and must cover your nose and mouth.

  • Our changing rooms will be laid out with markings to ensure social distancing is observed, this will include making a number of lockers unavailable and allotting specific areas with specific lockers.

  • All over the building are hand sanitising stations, please use them whenever passing.

  • Our staff will persistently clean all touchpoints including door handles and banisters as well as scrubbing floors and the reception area.

  • The reception area will have a Perspex screen which will protect staff and members.

  • Member cards will still be in use as this is contact free.

  • Cash payments will still be accepted as reception staff will have a permanent hand sanitising station, but please note we would prefer a contactless payment where possible.

  • The sauna will be out of use for the foreseeable future.


In the Gym

  • As with all other areas of the building, we will do our best to ensure that the gym is clean and sanitary, a member of staff will be constantly cleaning the gym equipment.

  • As previously mentioned, we will rely on the good practice of our members as well as our staff; therefore we must request that each member cleans the seats and any touchpoints on equipment before and after use. Sanitising equipment will be present next to all machines.

  • We also ask members to use hand sanitiser between machines and prior to touching cleaning equipment. We know that this is tedious but it ensures that no touch-based transmission can occur.

  • From the start of the pandemic, the social distance requirement has been two metre separation. In an enclosed gym environment, we must ask members to keep as great a social distance as possible. This is because different exercises initiate different transmission vessels such as sweat droplets and expansive exhalation.

  • We must ask all members to not socialise on the gym floor, we know that in many cases this may be difficult as friendships were halted in the midst of lockdown, but this would contradict our stance on a large social distance. We must ask for the same standards in the changing room and reception area.

  • The gym in itself will look very different; all machines will be spaced out across the gym including the boxing area, there will be no abdominal training area in either gym, the free-weights area will be in the spin studio and spin bikes will be in the larger studio.

  • No member is permitted to use the studios for personal training except for the free weights, which will have its own cleaning area; please can all members use it.

  • Treadmills will be halved in numbers as we do not have the space to spread them all out to an acceptable social distance.

  • When arriving for classes, we must ask all members to arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of the class and please arrive in your training gear if practicable. This is to ensure there is no overcrowding anywhere in the building.


The intention of this statement is not to cause fear or anxiety for any of our members; we must recognise all potential COVID-19 threats and be proactive in ensuring safety. This must be our number one priority for all of our staff and members.

Aside from all of the new policies and procedures, we are all very excited for the reopening of the club.